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Type of Programs

How to pick a program?

There is a great variety of study abroad opportunities available to ONU Students. Feel free to set up an appointment or contact the Study Abroad Office to get one-on-one advise on how to select a program. We can help you locate an appropriate education abroad opportunity for the discipline or region in which you wish to study.

      › Believe it or not, you can study abroad! There is a great diversity of opportunities abroad. You can still graduate on time and you can find a way to pay for it. Study abroad can seem like a difficult or complected process, but the study abroad office is always available to help. 
 ONU has programs in many countries and is willing to help get you to the country of your choice.   
 You can study abroad during summer, a semester, a year, or even during spring/winter break. 
 You can go abroad in through many ways including studying abroad, interning, teaching, and volunteering. Ask yourself, what do I want to do abroad?
 There are a variety of programs and opportunities please cycle through the information on this page and the entire site to start your search.  

All programs listed on ONU.abroadoffice.com are affiliated programs in which Ohio Northern University has entered into a formal agreement with the hosting institution.  

ONU Programs vs ONU Affiliated Programs 

The website divides our programs into two categories; ONU Programs and Sponsored programs.

  • 'ONU Programs' consists of exchange programs and direct enroll programs which are both agreements between ONU and a single institution.
  • 'Affiliated Programs' category indicates the international education organizations we are affiliated with and their programs.

Types of Programs

Exchange Programs

A direct exchange program is a bilateral agreement between ONU and a foreign institution. This agreement allows ONU students to attend the host institution and the exchange institution's student to attend ONU.

  • Students participating in direct exchange programs continue registration as Ohio Northern students and pay ONU tuition for the term.
  • Normal tuition/financial aid conditions apply
  • Fees outside of tuition can be billed directly to students (e.g, room and board, transportation, etc...)

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are short trips abroad (usually less than 4-weeks) led by ONU faculty for which academic credit may or may not be received. These programs offer a great way to travel with your favorite ONU faculty and classmates. There is also a benefit to the pre-departure orientations and/or coursework you can take in the lead up to the trip overseas. 

Financial assistance may be available for students participating in programs for which academic credit will be received. 

Direct Enroll Programs and ONU Affiliated Programs

ONU's direct enroll programs and ONU affiliated programs are those in which the university has entered into a consortium agreement with another university or third party provider. These agreements allows ONU students to attend that institution. 

  • ONU Student will pay the tuition or program fee of the host institution (no ONU tuition for the term)
  • No direct university aid funds or university tuition remission provisions apply for students participating in these programs
  • Only State and Federal assistance applies
  • The bill for tuition or program fees will be paid through ONU
  • An administrative fee of $48 per credit hour will be charged to students by ONU
  • A technology fee of $120 per semester will be charged to students per semester (no fee for summer)
  • Charges outside the tuition or program fee will go directly to students

Unaffiliated Programs

Participation in unaffiliated programs, while not recommended, is possible. Please note these steps when considering enrolling in an unaffiliated program. 

  • Enrolling an unaffiliated program requires prior approval by your college dean and review with the registrar’s office to determine transferability of academic credit completed in such program
  • Depending on travel dates (e.g. during the academic year), this option may require the filing of an interruption of enrollment form with the registrar
  • A re-application to the university upon completion of the program can be required if an interruption of enrollment has happened
  • Questions regarding financial aid for unaffiliated programs should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Additional international programs are currently under review and development. Ohio Northern University continues to explore new opportunities for students to develop a broader understanding of the world they live in. Through academically challenging activities in culturally stimulating environments, ONU students participating in study abroad continue to express deep satisfaction with, and appreciation for, a new outlook on life. Students are advised to check with their department chair, college dean, or the study abroad office for the current status of new offerings.

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